Welcome to the dimensions of transformation through, “Ancient Alchemy” “Optimum Healing” & Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Empowerment through Unity” using Ancient Alchemy is my Soul’s purpose for evolving humanity into “Oneness Consciousness”.

For many of us there exists undercurrents of anxieties & stressors that keep us from enjoying life, having an appreciation of our self & sensing perhaps a lack of purpose & joy or even concluding that life is too hard!  These recycling conclusions & perceptions can eventually lead us down a path to a support system of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or other unprofitable coping strategies.  We are not meant to suffer with debilitating diseases & emotional traumas.  There is a natural alternative healing practice that approaches the miraculous.




Ancient Alchemy accomplishes healing on multiple physiological levels in a quantum way. The DNA from many different lifetimes is restructured & repatterned.  Recoding & healing of the cellular membrane on all quantum levels occurs.  This protocol is possible because the practitioner is connected to “Oneness Consciousness” which allows for the client’s highest good to manifest & stabilize.  Ancient languages and crystals are used to enhance this alignment, clearing, & balancing of the many energy fields of the human body.


MLC Home 4  “Optimum Healing” is channeled from the “Oneness Consciousness,” through the team of, Barbara & Rose, offering healing frequencies that clear, release, & align your being from the inside out.  Old belief patterns that have kept you from your true purpose & power are now removed.  These healing frequencies are a step beyond the quantum field.


Barbara is a practitioner of the avant-garde, Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, created by Dolores Cannon some 40 years ago.    This protocol allows a client to connect to the heart/mind energy field, bypassing the left side, analytical part of the brain & experience the theta level of trance.  In this very relaxed state, your Higher Self, Source Energy, or sometimes called, “the God within” communicates.  This is where the magic & miracles happens.  By the loving guidance of your Higher Self, using your own voice, the list of questions brought to the session are answered.  Healing of your emotional, physical, & spiritual conditions occurs as the HS scans your body’s energy field.  Sometimes your HS will allow you to visit past or parallel lives for the purpose of examining firsthand the patterns, habits or symptoms that are still having a negative influence in your present life.  There is so much more to us than what our conscious mind can process. We are meant to live this life free from old outdated beliefs that keep us limited, stressed, & sick. It is an honor & privilege to be involved as a facilitator with my client’s trans formational awakening.  A QHHT session requires your physical presence of  3 hrs.


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Group Hypnosis/Meditation Workshops. Barbara is a Soul Coach, Teacher & Event Speaker.

Some choice Topics: ~ Loving Yourself ~ Your Spiritual Gifts Awakened ~ How to Be Healthy & Happy   ~ Inner Child Healing ~ Group Hypnosis/Meditation- Exploration of Possibilities



  1. Angie Whitsel

    I recently attended a group meditation with Barbara. Although this was probably the more exciting part of the night for most people, for me, it was the information that she shared with us throughout the entire event. Everything she said rang so true to my heart and it opened my eyes to why I may be struggling with different aspects of my life or even opening up fully to my spiritual gifts. Since this event, I have changed the way I do many things on a spiritual level. I cannot wait to have a full-out healing session with Barbara, which I plan to schedule today. She is an amazing woman with knowledge that is so profound. I left this event with her feeling so much lighter in my heart.

  2. Michael R

    I first of heard QHHT about a year ago from my sister. She spoke of how transforming her session was. At first I was someone skeptical. After meeting Barbara on a few occasions and having other friends take part in her QHHT and speak of the incredible personal paradigm shift that occurred for them, I knew that I wanted to experience this shift of consciousness for me. When I arrived for my appointment, Barbara talked me through everything that was going to occur and asked me questions about my life of which I would like more insight on. I felt incredibly comfortable with Barbara. After coming out of the hypnosis, she went though her notes from the session. I was amazed by all of the incredible things my higher-self had to tell me. After listening to the audio recording of the session a few times, I still find myself in awe of the messages that came through. I feel more confidence and clarity about my life after having my higher-self showed me past, present, and future. The insight I gained from the experience was priceless!I feel I have a more complete understanding of my life and the journey of which I will experience in this lifetime. This a a truly worthwhile experience! Thank you Barbara!

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