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It is possible to go from being annoyed, frustrated, or angry to being calm, relaxed & feeling good in less than one minute. Did you ever notice a small child crying their eyes out one minute & in the next moment be laughing hysterically? The little one’s focus changed. By changing your focus, you can change your emotions.

Thoughts & emotions can bond together after a short period of repetition & become subconsciously hardwired waiting for the right circumstance (a trigger) to re-emerge & express itself. Years can go by; the large capacity of our subconscious (the library) doesn’t delete practiced responses unless we become aware of our emotional behavior. This process of shifting from the analytical mind (Beta brain frequencies) & into the creative mind (the Alpha & Theta brain frequencies) we accomplish thousands of times a day without being aware. By simply becoming aware (an observer of our emotions) we now access different choices of response to a negative event rather than automatically transferring from one rehearsed pattern to another. This “new way” develops new pathways; going from unhappy to happy in less than 60 seconds.

We house sooo many beliefs (conclusions, deductions, judgments) about ourselves that no longer serve or honor us. Most of us continually live in those trances 95% of each day. We tend to think that our emotional behavior is who we are; so untrue!

Discovering your true authentic self can be a pleasant & most rewarding journey. Picture for a moment… seeing yourself worthy, connected to inspiration, feeling good 24/7, experiencing health, sensing confidence, having clarity of mind…loving yourself. This is living in the fullness of who you really are. Everything else that causes you pain, frustration, being overwhelmed, or miserable is a practiced program that has become hardwired. What a profound truth!

So, are you ready, or has misery, struggle, & strain become your destiny?
“If you don’t know you have a choice then there is no choice.”
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