Our inner child, like our outer one, is born divine, innocent and pure.  Through early life’s experiences – particularly trauma and fear – the inner child guards against being overwhelmed by splitting and segregating portions of consciousness from those events.  This compartmentalization results in disassociations from the soul, and these fragmented parts set themselves apart from love, peace and joy.  In this process, the disassociated parts contain sparks of our soul and gifts that we are meant to emanate and ultimately share.  In most cases, these segregated pieces don’t return to us, and a wounded child grows into a wounded adult, never able to walk in the fullness of its true identity.

Over the course of the program, we are going to retrieve these parts of our injured self, bring back our light and our gifts that we are destined to experience and share.  Love is power, feeling safe, walking in health and having fun!  Are you ready to transform?

Join Barbara at one of her upcoming sessions on Healing the Inner Child, beginning in January.