Our inner child, like our outer one, is born divine, innocent and pure.  Through early life’s experiences – particularly trauma and fear – the inner child guards against being overwhelmed by splitting and segregating portions of consciousness from those events.  This compartmentalization results in disassociations from the soul, and these fragmented parts set themselves apart from love, peace and joy.  In this process, the disassociated parts contain sparks of our soul and gifts that we are meant to emanate and ultimately share.  In most cases, these segregated pieces don’t return to us, and a wounded child grows into a wounded adult, never able to walk in the fullness of its true identity.

Over the course of the program, we are going to retrieve these parts of our injured self, bring back our light and our gifts that we are destined to experience and share.  Love is power, feeling safe, walking in health and having fun!  Are you ready to transform?

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It is possible to go from being annoyed, frustrated, or angry to being calm, relaxed & feeling good in less than one minute. Did you ever notice a small child crying their eyes out one minute & in the next moment be laughing hysterically? The little one’s focus changed. By changing your focus, you can change your emotions.

Thoughts & emotions can bond together after a short period of repetition & become subconsciously hardwired waiting for the right circumstance (a trigger) to re-emerge & express itself. Years can go by; the large capacity of our subconscious (the library) doesn’t delete practiced responses unless we become aware of our emotional behavior. This process of shifting from the analytical mind (Beta brain frequencies) & into the creative mind (the Alpha & Theta brain frequencies) we accomplish thousands of times a day without being aware. By simply becoming aware (an observer of our emotions) we now access different choices of response to a negative event rather than automatically transferring from one rehearsed pattern to another. This “new way” develops new pathways; going from unhappy to happy in less than 60 seconds.

We house sooo many beliefs (conclusions, deductions, judgments) about ourselves that no longer serve or honor us. Most of us continually live in those trances 95% of each day. We tend to think that our emotional behavior is who we are; so untrue!

Discovering your true authentic self can be a pleasant & most rewarding journey. Picture for a moment… seeing yourself worthy, connected to inspiration, feeling good 24/7, experiencing health, sensing confidence, having clarity of mind…loving yourself. This is living in the fullness of who you really are. Everything else that causes you pain, frustration, being overwhelmed, or miserable is a practiced program that has become hardwired. What a profound truth!

So, are you ready, or has misery, struggle, & strain become your destiny?
“If you don’t know you have a choice then there is no choice.”
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How to Connect to That Healing Part of You

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Exactly what is that healing part of us?
It is a state of mind, the essence of our being, the reality of who we are – energy, spirit, eternal bliss. It is that part of us that always abides in peace, safety, wellness, clarity, creativity, joy, & intuitiveness. A consciousness where there is no conflict, no restlessness, no anguish, pain or guilt; just feeling good, enjoying life, energized & having fun.
When we are experiencing all of these pleasantries, the mind is operating in the alpha or the theta brain waves just as a child does before the age of six years old. A child doesn’t have a library of full of conclusions, deductions, & judgments making decisions; they just use their imagination, being creative & having fun. We as adults, on the other hand, have developed the skill of living in the analytical mode, the beta brain waves which have brought us to a more or less constant feeling of stress thought out our day. So much so that this stress has become the norm. This “fight or flight” mode causes the body tissues, blood vessels & lymphatic channels to constrict. The digestive tract starts to malfunction; the immune system loses its natural ability to perform perfectly, & depending on the intensity & the duration of this state, & the mixture of thoughts we are entertaining will be the manifestation of our sicknesses, diseases and misalignments. And we created it all! Our ability to focus- what we allow ourselves to ponder upon over & over again develops into patterns, which matures into habits which then morphs into automatic unconscious responses. Now we have attained a character, which is a learned emotional conditioning, but it is not who we really are. It is in fact, a practiced model of thinking accompanied by our emotions.
So how do we feel good & experience health throughout our day?
How do we begin to line up with the truth that states, “Unless we become as a child again we won’t inherit this kingdom”, (this state of mind), this perfect body homeostasis. The answer is knowing how to let go of your past, (early childhood traumas, past years’ dilemmas, or yesterdays’ fears). We live 90% of the day out of our subconscious, where all of the patterns, habits & programs residue & stay alive, if we let them. These limited beliefs about ourselves create an undercurrent of tension, restlessness, & seriousness that decays our natural state of well being. Everything we do in our lives is to feel better. We will do anything to try to feel better- alcohol, binge eating, smoking, workaholic, excessive shopping, TV, or any other addiction. We are running away from our source of conflict or pain; never confronting these subconscious patterns of distress or discomfort. The amazing truth is that we can become that person that is free from these unwanted behaviors, disorders, & diseases using the knowledge of how the mind works with the body.
Let me introduce you to the Faster EFT protocol, a most effective technique that transforms an individual from a state of misery & pain to a new level of health, peace & joy. Empowering you to live in the moment, relishing life to the fullest & following the passions of your heart. Discharging and disconnecting these thoughts from your reality is simple, direct & always life changing. Invest in you; when you learn how to love yourself your whole world changes.
www.fastereftchange.com contact Barbara at (717) 578-2719 or email barbeft@gmail.com Private 2 hour session/ $200

Faster EFT Workshop (4 Week Series) “Living Your Life with Passion & Vitality”
1st week “Eliminate Pain, Sickness & Disease”
2nd week “Feel Good Every Day”
3rd week “Live in the Moment”
4th week “Design Your Future”
Series Tuition $80 | Drop-In Rate $22

*Saturdays 2 to 3:30 pm (March 29 through April 26th)
Theia Light Center 1946 Security Drive York, PA 17402 (717) 741-5400
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*Thursday Nights 6:30 to 8:00 pm (April 3 through April 24)
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Migraines, back pain, mental anguish, diseases, addictions, depression… the list goes on and on. No matter what adjective we place in front of the word “pain” it is still debilitating and damaging.  It limits our activities, erodes away at our hopes and dreams, and sometimes shortens our lives.

How do you describe your pain?
Pulsing, throbbing, shooting, pricking, drilling, stabbing, gritting, pinching, pressing, gnawing, cramping, crushing, wrenching, hot, searing, itching, tingling, exhausting, sickening, suffocating, annoying, piercing, numbing, nauseating, intense, miserable, radiating, agonizing, dreadful, torturing?

Pain is a real manifestation in the body, but how did it begin? Where did it originate? How big is this problem? N.I.H. (National Institutes of Health), the National Pain Consortium, estimates that the public health burden of pain affects 1/3 of America’s population at a cost of 560 billion to 635 billion dollars each year.
Out of the bowels of Neuro Linguistic programming, (NLP), a mapping of the natural processes of the mind and body interactions, and including neurology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and genetics has emerged a profound truth: We have a treasure chest full of unexplored possibilities, hidden strengths, and unrecognized Resources.
From NLP to this evolved protocol, “Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations”, known as “Faster EFT”, we can now most effectively uncover the root causes for pain, stress, disease, and disorders. Faster EFT is a practice that creates powerful changes allowing you to release unwanted memory patterns, It is truly letting go of your past and enabling you to live in the present moment experiencing health, peace, joy, and most of all, to begin having fun.
Faster EFT believes the body’s system works perfectly. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, and you are successfully producing something based on what you hold within your mind.

The physical reaction is
a creation based on what the mind holds to be true and from what we have experienced. The body’s reaction isn’t the cause of our problems but rather it is the expression to what we hold within our mind. You are working perfectly to manifest the things in your life. When you change the programs in your mind you’ll change your life.

Faster EFT is changing how the subconscious mind encodes, processes and reproduces events from the past. We are not just releasing the emotions from our experiences but actually changing the way we hold the experience. Our problems are a creation based on our proofs, beliefs, and our thinking structure, which basically means that if the past is no longer real then we can change our association with it and change the memories that support our problems.

“We are the creators of our reality.” “Physician heal thyself.” ‘You are what you think” “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open”. (There is truly science behind these famous quotes).

Are you ready to connect to your awesome self?

It is a universal healing system that can address virtually anything including, but not limited to the


Release of: Anxiety • Low Self-esteem • Fears • Phobias • Creative Blocks • Weight • Depression • Grief & Loss • Cravings • Headache • Relationship Problems • Insomnia • Bad Habits • Disease • Allergy • Pain • Fatigue • Trauma Addictions


Improve: Weight Control • Energy • Performance • Sleep & Relaxation • Immune System