Faster EFT

The FASTER EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) protocol has created a unique coaching process that most effectively uncovers the root causes for stress, pain, disease, or disorder so that you can be free to live your life with passion. health & vitality.

FASTER EFT works with the mind-body connection.  Whatever you think consciously or subconsciously your body responds. You can release & let go of anything that holds you back in life & move forward to a happier you.

This system is an integration of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming), BSFF (Be SET FREE FAST), LOA (Law of Attraction) & the mind’s great ability to transform itself.

It is a self empowering tool that gives you control over your past, present, & future.  A universal healing system that can address:


              FEARS, PHOBIES                                                        TRAUMATIC ADDICTIONS

              HEADACHES, MIGRAINES                                      CREATIVE BLOCKS

              CHRONIC PAIN, FATIGUE                                       GREIF & LOSS

              ALLERGIES, SINUSES                                               RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS

              DEPRESSION                                                               CHANGING STRESS RESPONSE   

              DISEASES                                                                      BAD HABITS   


“ If you‘re the creator of your memories, you can change your life by changing your memories.”

            Robert G. Smith, Founder, Faster EFT

Q. What does the tapping accomplish?

         ~ changes the emotional attachments we have within us.

         ` causes the brain to recode itself.

         ~ rewires neural pathways.

         ~ restructures the brain

         ~ eliminates the neurological connections in the mind-body.

Q. What does one experience during a FEFT session?

          The practitioner reviews your peace list with you discovering what you are doing inside your mind to create, manifest, & produce the problem.  As you focus on a memory, a feeling, a “knowing”, or pain from your list, sensing your body’s reactions, emotions,  pictures, sounds, smells,  the practitioner uses a” tapping” on 5 points of your meridians.  This procedure actually breaks the pattern that has been creating chaos in the body’s central nervous system.  The result is a positive mind-body shift; the client experiencing peace & a sense of lightness.

Q. If the past no longer exists why am I still having past traumatic experiences negatively affecting me over & over again?

          When you are feeling bad, we slip out of the present tense & enter into old familiar negative trances or hypnotic states. It takes no effort to get there; our subconscious takes over & that’s how we keep the past alive.  “Memories buries alive never die” – until we aim & tap them away.

Q. Does faster EFT always work?

         If you are ready to address your life’s issues instead of stuffing them internally or wanting to run away, the answer is absolutely yes. This system is based on the presupposition that every one of us is awesome, but we are not walking in our awesomeness.  We have not been taught as a society to confront our life’s issues which cause stress, pain, suffering & disease.   When we make peace with our past, we experience living in the moment, happy, having fun, following our passions, & in health & vitality.

The ultimate goal is to change our perception of the past & the future through restructuring a person’s thinking in the present.

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