Matrix Energetics


It is an, “A+ WAY” to attain optimum health & maximum intuitiveness, a journey of discovery & expansion that has lain dormant within you.
This is an experience of connecting with your Authentic Self, learning how to playfully transform yourself.
An awakening to our heart-centered awareness, “ Living in the Moment “.

This is where science & spirituality blend. Using the principles of Quantum Physics, becoming the observer, one is able to access the field of all possibilities, (a complete system of transformation that produces observable & verifiable changes). A simple adjustment of focus & perspective-a very natural, untapped ability of every man, woman, & child.
Matrix Energetics is the essence of energy medicine. In this age of declining & impersonal healthcare, M.E. offers the process of self empowerment. We no longer have to depend on the devastating effects of pharmaceuticals or the extraction of body parts to restore a physically, mentally, & spiritually balanced state. By applying the science of subtle energy with our innate imaginations merges a new phenomenon called, “Matrix Energetics”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What occurs during a M.E. session?

The client can enjoy a very relaxing experience of release, feeling spacey, tingling throughout the body, or profound peace or all of the above. The client will either be standing or sitting with nothing to do except breathe & relax. The practitioner will be moving around the client noticing what she notices in your morphic field (an invisible dimension that encases your physical body), sharing with the client the communication of information that she is intuitively sensing, hearing or seeing & clearing unwanted belief patterns that no longer edify or support the individual.

What are the results of a session?

In agreement with Quantum Physics we are photons at the most minuscule particles of our existence. Clearing or changing light frequencies within your torsion fields that do not support your awesome self is transformational, refreshing & healing to say the least. Being in the field of the heart is the energy arena where we are all one, with no distance, no past, present, or future, just the present moment connected to our authentic self. By the end of the session you will have received the knowledge of how to do this shift of perception yourself. Being one in the “spirit”, no longer double minded.

How many sessions are necessary?

Answering the question with another question? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? How much are you ready to accept your true authentic self; experiencing the fullness of love , peace, joy, health, connected to inspiration & intuitiveness on a consistent basis, & most of all having fun! In order to have the newness of it all, the oldness needs to dissipate. It is not a giving up something of value unless we feel the need to still live in the analytical, fear based reality. The sessions could be very few in number or a season of expansion with a friend that can hold that sacred place while we awaken to our trueness.

What kind of changes can occur?

~Would you like to rid yourself of anxieties, fears, or phobias?
~How about having a healthy digestive tract or being free of constipation or diarrhea.
~Being free of allergies & sinus aliments
~ Addictions, OCD, PTSD, auto-immune disorders.

The list can go on & on. 97% of all disorders, sicknesses & diseases are directed aligned with the patterns of thoughts that are housed in our subconscious mind, (the, “Library”, which the left brain processes 4 billion bytes of information a minute). We live in those patterns 95% of each day.

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