Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique



Discover your own powerful resources within. Know your life’s purpose, communicate with infinite intelligence in the heart/mind field and receive the answers to your deepest questions. There are no exceptions; we are all very special, gifted individuals with so much to offer each other and ourselves!

Why has this been so unattainable? Over the years we have practiced strategies of thinking. The more we adopt these strategies, they become hard-wired patterns of beliefs, which in turn produce a less-than-desirable reality. Through a lack of knowledge we have gotten stuck in the shadows of struggle and stress resulting in emotional and physical pain. These human conditions are so unnecessary and can be cleared!  Quantum healing can clear these patterns, allowing you to experience clarity of mind, increased intuitiveness, health, joy, worthiness and confidence.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique accesses direct connection to your higher self, source energy, universal knowledge, or God. This part of ourselves is always present within us and exists just below the surface of our conscious mind. This connection allows the client to answer all questions they could ever ask. This powerful source is capable of instantaneous healings on the body. You learn so much about yourself, release old patterns of behavior, expand your awareness of more possibilities, and eliminate bodily discord.
Any individual can gain access to experiences of our past or parallel lives; to examine & explore why certain aspects of our present life mirrors a behavior or feelings unexplained.

Dolores Cannon practiced this technique for 45 years, and has conclusively determined that we all have lived multiple lives and all have access to our higher selves.  We can all find the answers we’re searching for, whether it be from the past or present life we’re living.