In January of 2014, I had two 2 hour appointments with FasterEFT Level 3 Practitioner Barbara Smeltzer. During the course of those appointments we worked with a list of issues that have plagued me for most of my life (I am 49 year old). Since those sessions with Barbara, the issues have almost miraculously disappeared! As a result, I am no longer troubled with these lifelong challenges, feelings and beliefs that have caused me so much grief and suffering!
I highly recommend Barbara Smeltzer as a FasterEFT practitioner and Law of Attraction Coach! She has great skill and compassion in helping her clients heal their deepest wounds and negative belief patterns that have burdened their lives!
Thank you Barbara for all of your help so far on my healing journey!

Hi Barbara, Katherine here. I want to thank you very much for the session of Faster EFT that we did Jan. of this year. I have been doing my assignments faithfully & have been amazed & thrilled with the transformations!!! I am totally in awe & love Esther Hicks (LOA). A profound influence & shift in my brain. I just wanted you to know how you have blessed my life! So again thank you so very, very much. Once someone has done Faster-EFT, how could they ever go back to EFT? Many, many blessings & I hope your business & work are prospering. If people only knew!!

It started when my Mother, the center of my world, died. Then my husband was diagnosed with cancer and went through 6 weeks of radiation & chemotherapy. They inserted a feeding tube since he was unable to swallow food and he had to carry a basin with him wherever he went as he never knew when he would start to vomit. Then my daughter announced she was pregnant while unmarried and working 30 hours a week at a retail store. When I was bit by a stray cat and told I was going to die from rabies it was my last straw. I was convinced I was going to die. That is when I started having daily panic attacks. I couldn’t even watch the news on television. I just couldn’t handle anything else. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings. Even the smallest deviation to my regular routine would send me into a fit. I was always angry, anxious and fatigued. I knew I needed some help but just didn’t know where to go. My first step was my doctor who prescribed Xanax up to 4x a day, and Lexapro. But the drugs just made me sleepy and irritable, not to mention the headaches and stomach upset they caused. Then I talked with Barbara and she told me about faster EFT. She asked me to research Robert Smith on you tube and contact her if I wanted to have a session. After viewing the website I contacted Barbara and we scheduled a 2 hour session. She asked me to make a list of traumatic events in my life and bring it to the meeting. I was amazed at the results. After just one visit I felt like a whole new person! I never realized how much past baggage I was carrying around. And how much that baggage was affecting my life. I was able to stop taking the medications and cope with everyday life. Not only could I cope, I could enjoy life again! I now wake up in the morning and know this will be the best day of my life. And it is!! Barbara taught me to “just let go” of what is bothering me so I can concentrate on the good aspects of my life. She can do the same for you. Don’t waste another day of being miserable. Call her today!

My life is challenging with keeping busy and involved in many activities.  With that said relationships become my major challenge. It use to be that my best defense to a relationship was to tough it out, which usually strained and distanced any relationship.  With Faster EFT assisting in getting in touch with feelings and dealing with them, and my desire to come closer to what God wants for me, I learned to deal with the emotions that were bottled up.  Faster EFT allowed me to realize feelings and have a way to deal with them in a way that freed me up to Love the other person. This made such a difference because I am now able to be there for the other person and love them closer to what God intended. My heart has been freed to love and feel love.